Sustainable Hertford Heath (SHH) is a set of volunteers that grew largely out of the thought process and need for an action plan initiated by the Hertford Heath Neighbourhood Plan.

SHH operates independently on behalf of the local community.  We meet on a monthly basis but are primarily action and activity based.

Membership is open to anyone who supports the aims of the group and participates in its activities.

SHH is free to join and relies on the willingness of participants and other parties to cover any expenses necessary to carry out its aims. 

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To raise the awareness of the world’s limited resources and help promote ideas to reduce our community’s collective carbon footprint through sustainable choices in energy, transport, food and waste.

  • To offer practical activities aimed to enhance our village life and encourage community involvement including:
  • To run a monthly litter pick in and around the village and recycle as much of the collected material as possible
  • To set up and maintain containers growing edible plants at various locations around the village
  • To encourage a village wide cumulative reduction of 1,000,000 single car journeys. Initiatives to include car sharing, walking, cycling and ways of increasing the use of public transport
  • To promote the local generation of energy within the village, target to add 100,000Kwh to the annual amount generated
  • To set up and maintain a combined repair and swap shop to prevent valued items being thrown away. Initiative to also explore an online facility for spare paint and other left over DIY materials 
  • To explore ways of reducing food waste including setting up and maintaining a community fridge and surplus food swap including home grown produce


Each of the practical activities above will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Does the proposal offer something that being a part of it offers significant advantages to participants over trying to tackle the same issue as an individual?
  • Can the proposal accelerate and facilitate a change that is unlikely to be initiated and funded by central or local government?
  • Does the proposal have a critical number of participants at which it becomes viable or can it operate at any scale?
  • Does the proposal have a positive effect on the carbon footprint of the village?
  • Does the proposal have a positive effect in connecting people to other people and strengthening the village community?
  • Does the proposal have any negative effects on existing community initiatives or local businesses?

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