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Could you grow a Gavin?

Regardless of whether you know what a *Gavin is we need you to get involved creating a community orchard.

Take-away from the Goat to the Green

Take-away from the Goat to the Green

Hertford Heath Parish Council today unanimously approved the proposal below, for the management of The Goat to, temporarily, utilise a small part of the Village Green to serve take away food and drinks.

Reclaim the streets?

Reclaim the streets?

Clearly the current pandemic has created a huge amount of suffering and no doubt will continue to have a negative impact on our lives in terms of our freedoms and our economy for a long time to come.

Conquering the pandemic

Unintended Consequences

The Corona Virus pandemic is a nightmare and has sadly resulted in the loss of a huge number of lives. It is sobering to reflect that, despite our sophisticated society and modern way of life with all the associated developments in medical science, the whole of the human race is fatally threatened by a virus.

Volunteers needed

A little of your time...

We’re expecting thousands of visitors at the Summer Fayre, and making sure that everyone has a great time means that we need a bit of extra help, so that’s where you come in.

Hertford Heath Summer Fayre

Sponsorship for Summer Fayre

For 2020, the Summer Fayre returns to the village green on Saturday 11th July with something for all the family.  More information will be available soon.

Sustainable Hertford Heath Repair Shop

Plenty of 'stuff' to repair

Despite the horrible weather, the Repair Shop had plenty of visitors for the February 2020 meeting. Thanks you to everyone that turned out.

How Life began

How 'Life' began

No, we’re not talking about the creation of life on earth, but the birth of this website designed for the benefit of Hertford Heath residents.

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