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Could you grow a Gavin?

Regardless of whether you know what a *Gavin is we need you to get involved creating a community orchard.

Sustainable Hertford Heath has been working with the Allotment Committee of the Parish Council to gain approval to create a community orchard within the allotment space.

Our proposal was very positively received and we now have formal agreement to:

  • Create a community orchard centred on the two plots at the southern most edge of the allotments.
  • Encourage individual plot holders to plant a fruit tree as part of an aggregated community orchard
  • Encourage the wider village to join in by offering up the fruit trees within their garden as part of a further aggregated orchard that could contribute to the overall community effort
  • Create and run a series of timely events to celebrate all the wonder of locally grown fruit

An immediate task is to tidy up the orchard plots. There are some apple trees already planted there which need to be de-brambled and potentially pruned fairly soon.

Our inaugural “tidy up” working party will be held on Sunday 13th September at 2pm meeting on the allotments. Come along and please bring your own pruners, shears and gloves.

There will be further dates to ensure that the appropriate amount of remedial and preparatory work prior to planting some more (local heritage) trees this autumn.

Please let me know if you are interested in being involved and also if you have any particular knowledge that would enable us to make a competent start and minimise the “enthusiastic learner” mistakes.

Tim Hoskin

PS   A *Gavin is a heritage breed of apple originally registered in 1956 in Bayfordbury.

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