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Plenty of 'stuff' to repair

Plenty of 'stuff' to repair

Despite the horrible weather, the Repair Shop had plenty of visitors for the February 2020 meeting. Thanks you to everyone that turned out.

There were a lot of different things to fix including; a barometer with a broken glass; two clocks that had stopped working; an umbrella that had been blown inside out by Storm Dennis; two food mixers; a paper shredder; a standard lamp; a cracked plate; a Henry vacuum (which irritatingly had tamper proof screws so preventing it being repaired!); a battery vacuum that needed its brushes to be fixed; a camping light; a DAB radio; and an X Box hand controller! Not all of them could be fixed on the day so some are still in progress but what a huge amount of 'stuff' that was/is being prevented from being thrown away. The next one is on Sunday 19th April so come along and see what we could help with.

Inevitably the majority of 'stuff' that needs fixing is electrical or electronic so if there is anyone who has some knowledge and fancies joining the team to help then please contact Tim Hoskin on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Many thanks for the trust that you place in us – it is greatly appreciated.

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