Monthly Quiz at the Goat

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The quirky general knowledge quiz takes place at The Goat on the last Thursday of each month starting at 8pm.

A fun night out with five rounds of questions that all begin with (or at least are connected to) a single letter of the alphabet.  The final round is a ‘wipeout’ round.  Get all the questions right and you’ll gain extra points but get just one answer wrong and you’ll lose the points for that round!

The quiz is well-attended by locals.  Pit your wits against your neighbours and be prepared to take part in a fun challenge in the event of a draw.  And with a first prize of £75 and £25 for second place, it gets competitive too.  Coming last is not that bad as the team with the fewest points are awarded the ‘chips of shame’.

The full Goat evening menu is available too so if you are looking to eat, make sure you book a table by calling 01992 535788.

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